Willistead Night Market - Oktoberfest

Friday, October 27, 2017

The Willistead Night Market (formerly the Walkerville Night Market) celebrates the hip and historic Walkerville Neighborhood, bringing people together to enjoy local business, musicians and artists. A place for good times and great finds.

Admission is free and this is a child friendly event.

The Willistead Night Market is located in the popular, The Willistead Restaurant parking lot.

The Willistead Night Market features menu items prepared by The Willistead Restaurant and The Walkerville Tavern with outdoor tables and chairs for guests to relax and enjoy their food. Enjoy live music and The Willistead Restaurant parking lot is licensed so guests can enjoy an alcoholic or non alcoholic beverage as they shop in the market.

The market features local food producers, farmers, artists, crafts, musicians and inventive, creative and fun products.

Enjoy an evening at the Willistead Night Market.





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