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“On behalf of the WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation’s Agri-Business Sector Committee we are pleased to promote the “Grown Right Here. Look For Local” campaign for the Windsor-Essex region. In 2009 the WEEDC received an Ontario Market Investment Fund grant to promote buying local to area consumers and to create a stronger demand for local products. Last year’s awareness campaign was a tremendous success and influenced consumers significantly to buy local.

This year the WEEDC is extremely pleased to have the following organizations join us as project partners: Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island (TWEPI), Essex County Federation of Agriculture (ECFA), Essex County Associated Growers (ECAG), South Western Ontario Vintners Association (SWOVA) and the Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers Association (OGVGA). Together we will continue to promote locally produced food and beverages, as well as, our region at various events, through our newsletters and websites.

Essex County has an abundance of locally grown produced and processed food. Get to know your local producers, processors, wineries, abattoirs and bakeries. Support local businesses and restaurants that promote, buy and serve our local products. By being aware and buying local products you are supporting our economy and being environmentally and socially responsible. So, “Look for Local, It’s Worth It.”

Joseph Byrne,Interim Chair
Agri-Business Sector Committee

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“Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island is pleased to be part of an effort to encourage, promote and grow our Region’s culinary sector... a story waiting to be told.

As the southernmost point in all of Canada, we are fortunate to have a climate well suited for producing lush farmlands. At the same latitude as northern California, we are one of the most agriculturally productive counties in the country!

Agri-tourism finds its roots in the Italian term argitourismo - the concept of bringing urban residents to farming areas. A short drive to Essex County gives you the opportunity to experience our local flavor - fresh picked fruits and vegetables, wine from one of our fourteen wineries and a abundance of fresh flowers... all grown locally.

The “Grown Right Here. Look for Local” campaign sends our Region the powerful message to buy local and help support our farmers. From a tourism perspective, food is an important part of a travel experience. Today, visitors want to experience food that reflects an area’s rich culture and heritage. And we can certainly deliver on that.” For more information visit us online at:

Gordon Orr, Chief Executive Officer

One Region Countless Stories

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“The Essex County Associated Growers was formed with the purpose of being one organization in Essex County which could provide an open forum for the growers and shippers of Essex County, provide secretarial services and be a meeting place for commodity groups. Vital to this role was the provision of a singular promotional voice to acquaint the market with Essex County produce. This strong thread of marketing and promotion has been maintained by the Essex County Associated Growers with considerable emphasis on local promotion. The “County Grower” newspaper was established and still flourishes, keeping those in the industry up to date on new practices, techniques and pertinent issues. Our web site matches the public with the local producers of fresh fruits and vegetables. Partnering with the Grown Right Here campaign of the Windsor Essex Economic Development Corporation is a perfect method of showcasing the produce that consumers want to buy and enjoy.”

Ed Verbeke, Chair
ECAG Board of Directors

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“The Essex County Federation of Agriculture is a member based organization of Essex County farmers. One of our mandates is to increase public awareness of agriculture and the agri-food system. The ECFA believes that a healthy local economy is dependant on a viable agricultural industry. We developed and launched the “BUY LOCAL Map” to help local farmers showcase their products.

The opportunity to partner with the WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation’s “Grown Right Here” campaign compliments our efforts perfectly. Locally grown produce is fresh, grown to strict Ontario standards and leaves a smaller environmental footprint that international products. It just tastes better!”

Larry Verbeke, President
and the ECFA Board of Directors

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“The Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers are proud to support local initiatives that create opportunities for our members across Ontario.” “We are pleased to be project partners with the WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation’s ‘Grown Right Here’ campaign as buying local is critical to our domestic marketplace and essential for local consumers.”

George Gilvesy, General Manager
Ontario Greenhouse
Vegetable Growers Association

Logo of Spruce wood Wineries 

The notion of “Grown Right Here” is expressed as“terroir” in the wine industry which describes nuances of origin and other local influences that make any region unique. Just as there are no two fingerprints exactly alike, so to is it with wine regions. As wineries and grape growers in EPIC, our goals are to tell the world of our award-winning wines, our tourist-friendly winery experiences and the host of other local farm fare, attractions and experiences that are grown right here.


Tom O’Brien
Essex Pelee Island Coast Winegrowers Association

Logo of Foodland OntarioOntario Government LogoSpecial thanks to,
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and Foodland Ontario for their continued support of Grown Right Here Windsor-Essex.

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